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Beratung-100x100pxConsultation for IT Solutions and Processes

Strengthening our customers – this is ADLON’s raison d’être and it’s in our genes at ADLON. Strengthening our customers means understanding them, as well as the setting in which they operate. These two tasks have always been important for ADLON. And they’ve become extremely important due to the rapidly growing significance of IT for business success and accelerated technological development.

This is why ADLON has developed professional consulting services which address precisely these two tasks. Our consultants have a great deal of practical experience in this area. They know exactly what they’re talking about. Furthermore, they very carefully evaluate the economic significance of our customers’ prevailing initial situation and their own suggestions.

Our consultants continuously pursue further education and training. In this way, ADLON fulfils the prerequisite for living up to its raison d’être of “strengthening our customers” day after day. There’s simply nothing better than successful customers.

IT Strategy Consulting

A company’s IT strategy is decisive for ensuring business success. A good IT strategy dictates general conditions for managing a company’s information technology, and points out the scope and direction of action which needs be taken in the future in order to fulfil long-term corporate goals. Thanks to our many years of experience in the implementation and operation of IT environments, we know how to exploit IT as a driver for your business success. After all, only targeted and strategic use of technologies such as clouds, big data and SharePoint can decisively strengthen your company’s core business operations. Goals are derived from the IT strategy, and the requirements necessary for making IT a decisive enabler for your business are compiled.

Optimising Corporate IT and IT Processes

A consistent IT strategy is lacking at many mid-sized enterprises, because in many cases the IT organisation has grown along with the company. The IT tool was required as a means to an end, and was integrated as well as possible into the existing organisation.

Due to the fact that IT is considered strictly a cost centre at many companies, investments in IT are often neglected and opportunities are left unexploited. No later than when the maintenance of the company’s competitive edge is at stake, the optimisation of corporate IT and IT processes becomes indispensable.

The employees in the various departments are unable to cope with this problem because, as a rule, they’re already working at full capacity in order to keep the IT infrastructure running at the operative level. And thus there’s no time for strategic planning and optimisation of the existing IT infrastructure and organisation. Urgently required modernisation of IT structures is neglected and the company itself decelerates its own development.

For ADLON as an IT consultancy with implementation and operating competence, IT is the principal task and core expertise. At the same time, ADLON has the experience required for professionalising corporate IT – from an organisational as well as from a technical standpoint.

Requirements Engineering

ADLON requirements engineering includes ascertainment, analysis, specification and validation of all relevant requirements stipulated for IT systems, which must be fulfilled over the system’s entire lifecycle. We develop architecture designs and technical concepts, prepare performance specifications for national and international invitations to tender and support you in selecting the right supplier for the implementation of your IT project on the basis of a mutually defined compliance matrix.

Consulting for Invitations to Tender

IT projects are frequently begun with an invitation to tender, by means of which the best quotation should be identified. But what makes one quotation better than the other? Of course the price plays a role, but it’s just as important to find a suitable partner who takes current market developments into consideration and has a compatible corporate culture.

We support you throughout the tendering process by formulating well-structured, clear-cut, transparent requirements and preparing an individualised decision-making matrix. We accompany you skilfully during meetings with bidders and make recommendations on the basis of technical and business factors.

IT Project Management

We’ve developed an ADLON project management standard based on the well-established Prince2 and IPMA standards which is ideally matched to our service offerings. As a result, IT projects are executed and completed on-time and in line with the budget, and in the required quality. Our Prince2 and IPMA certified employees have contributed their extensive experience with national and international projects to the making of this standard, and always consider the fact that reliable operation of the implemented solution must be assured after the project has been completed.

Provider Management

Increasing outsourcing and multiple clouds are presenting new challenges with regard to professional management of various service providers. With processes for quality assurance, with sourcing strategies and with tools and methods for managing a great variety of service providers, as well as time-tested contract management, ADLON is able to provide the support required to this end. We see professional management of service providers as an important criterion for pursuing and maintaining a consistent IT strategy.

Project Rescue

According to a recent report issued by a leading group of analysts, roughly 46% of all IT projects do not fulfil the wishes or the requirements of the clients – one out of five projects is even deemed a total failure. But what has to be done when a project gets off track? Know-how and experience provide the best possible help in this case. Our business consultants are well-versed in crisis and interim project management – they conduct themselves unperturbedly within the field of conflict which prevails amongst the customer, the internal IT department and the existing service provider.

Cloud Intelligence

Cloud Readiness Analysis

The term cloud readiness is frequently only applied to technical aspects. For example, it indicates the extent to which software applications are prepared for use with cloud-based platforms. However, cloud readiness not only makes reference to the technical implementation requirements which must be fulfilled in order to take advantage of cloud-based services. Cloud readiness also encompasses organisational and methodological factors such as the degree to which an organisation has aligned itself to a service-oriented philosophy.

We’re leaders in the field of hybrid clouds, which comprise a mixture of private clouds, public clouds and the traditional IT environment, and are able to provide you with good advice in this area. During the course of a cloud readiness analysis, we determine together with you which of your apps or services can be relocated to the cloud, and which services should still be operated from you own computer centre.

Cloud Architectures: On-Premise, Hybrid

As part of a process of continuous change, corporate IT is being moved into the cloud to an ever greater extent. A great variety of scenarios is evolving: whether full IT deployment in the form of cloud services, operation of the entire IT system at the company’s own location or use of a hybrid cloud is involved, which unites the best of both worlds and is the most common solution in the meantime.

ADLON sees itself as an advisor for suitable provision of corporate IT and its associated services (as an on-premise, cloud or hybrid solution). And ADLON has all of the required expertise to plan your corporate IT systems for a perfect fit, to implement them and/or to operate them – regardless of how they’re made available.

Cloud Lifecycle Consulting

Cloud services are subject to very rapid change: They can be booked and implemented quickly, and they can be cancelled in no time flat as well. However, without a lifecycle for your cloud services, keeping an eye on your own cloud becomes more and more challenging. This can result in a situation where services and licenses which are no longer required are still generating costs.

With our cloud lifecycle consulting service, we advise you on the one hand concerning utilised cloud services with regard to price and benefits and, on the other hand, as to whether or not there’s still an actual need. Depending on the customer’s situation, factors such as performance, obsolescence and cross-compatibility in the case of upgrades, as well as phase-in and phase-out of cloud services, are weighted differently. We also make recommendations regarding possible migration scenarios within the cloud.

Cloud Platforms for Big Data and IOT

Scientists, developers and technologists from numerous industry sectors take advantage of cloud services in order to conduct big data analyses and to meet the challenges which result from ever greater quantities of digital information, as well as from their diversity and the speeds at which they’re exchanged. ADLON offers comprehensive consulting for the use of suitable cloud platforms – with the goal of simplifying big data management by reducing costs, adapting to actual requirements and accelerating innovation. Users are thus able to concentrate on data analysis.

Information Architectures


The point of departure for the development of an information architecture is an extensive analysis of all relevant processes. These processes are analysed in detail and optimised in workshops together with the people who are involved in the process. Special attention is given to the elimination of unnecessary interfaces as well as optimisation of process throughput time, process costs and general clarity of the process. On the basis of this optimisation, an holistic information architecture can be subsequently developed which includes intelligent information logistics, retrievability of data via enterprise search and processing of data in teamwork with the help of collaboration tools.

Intelligent Information Logistics

Streamlined information logistics focuses on the value of the information for the customer. And thus we’re concerned with optimising the availability of information and its throughput time. This is accomplished by means of a precise appraisal of the processes, as a rule as part of a workshop or an assessment. Our business consultants then analyse the processes with the goal of increasing process speed and enhancing process quality.

Typical high potential processes can be found in the areas of product development, human resources and in general administration.

Social Collaboration

In the meantime, collaboration tools are indispensable for successful teamwork. Modern collaboration tools save time and make teamwork possible, even when the involved parties are scattered all over the world. Ideas can thus be mutually cultivated in mind-mapping tools, discussions can be held via instant messenger, video and audio conferencing services, and project progress can be monitored at any time by means of project management tools. Knowledge is organised in wikis, and graphics, texts and documents are managed and submitted for approval by means of collaboration services.

Consistent use and combination of the entire spectrum of modern collaboration tools makes it possible to optimise work sequences to a previously unimaginable extent. If you would like to take advantage of these possibilities, our business consultants would be happy to advise you concerning the establishment of a social collaboration platform targeted at increased productivity.

Enterprise Search

Business relevant information is often obscured in innumerable documents, e-mails, websites and data records. And thus it’s becoming more and more important to ensure that employees receive lightning-fast, highly relevant results in response to their searches.

Enterprise search provides you with a system-wide search solution and supports you in the efficient inclusion of all information from the intranet, the extranet, file sharing and websites. In this way, we fulfil the prerequisites for making use of your data in a value-creating fashion.

We advise you concerning the incorporation of data sources and have extensive know-how at our disposal in the field of data processing. Thanks to our ECO Network, our search experts are capable of evaluating all common enterprise search apps such as SharePoint Search, Google Search Appliance, Amazon Cloud Search and FAST ESP and identifying the right solution for you.



Big Data

The much used keyword, “big data”, addresses the major challenges and opportunities associated with data itself, which are relevant for practically all companies. The keywords volume, variety and velocity describe problems involving data quantities, diversity and processing. We provide you with advice regarding challenging aspects which will result in the years to come from the economies of data-driven companies, products and services.

Our experienced consultants work with you to determine and point out the potential made possible by datability, as well as the associated challenges. We also see datability as a possible initial step towards digital transformation of the company, which also harbours opportunities in the area of digitisation.

With the help of innovation workshops, we create a basic fundamental understanding of the relevant aspects, business models and approaches which are made possible through the use of big data. By observing business processes which demonstrate potential for the use of big data, initial relevance to entrepreneurial core elements is determined in the next step. Together with you, during the further course of the workshop, we work out approaches for the development of an optimised target process based on an existing actual process through the integration of existing or new data sources along with an appropriate analytical methodology. The added value gained with the help of this workshop results from the fact that your company is provided with a basis for your corporate big data strategy. Reference to the corresponding core business processes offers you an initial, concrete springboard for the use of big data, and thus for the digital transformation of your company as well.

The development of a big data strategy for your company as a basis for future implementation and the elaboration of relevant added value for your business is a success factor for future sustainability. The basic principles for a suitable big data strategy are provided by optional steps encompassing a detailed process analysis within the big data context, data harmonisation and curation, the observance of factors including data protection, governance and data security, as well as the preparation of a corresponding business case.

Based on the company-specific big data strategy, a suitable big data architecture can be developed and implemented. The added value resulting from big data infrastructures and supporting cloud technologies is integrated by ADLON, and all aspects of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 can be incorporated as well. In this respect, a corresponding architecture observes a productive infrastructure for appropriate processing of the factors volume, variety and velocity, as well as the necessary analytical methodologies and tools.

Service Management

The primary task of any company’s IT organisation is the targeted support of business processes. IT services must demonstrate high levels of quality in this respect, and assure uninterrupted customer satisfaction – at a reasonable cost.

In order to achieve these goals, the IT organisation must provide and manage a corresponding portfolio of IT services. Technical solutions are only part of the approach to fulfilling these requirements.

Additionally, organisational and procedural components must be implemented within the framework of services management such that IT services can be measured and evaluated from both a quantitative and a qualitative viewpoint. These measurements can then serve as the basis for continuous IT improvement. And thus active service management supports our customers’ core business operations.

This is where ADLON’s consulting expertise comes into play: we develop and support our customers’ service management structures by means of pragmatic concepts and procedures which are aligned to ITILs and other frameworks, and have proven their worth in actual consulting and implementation practice.

On the basis of our experience in the daily rendering of services to our customers at the service desk, in IT operations and in cloud applications, and by supporting IT on-site with the help of our experts, our consultants possess comprehensive knowledge based on actual practice in addition to methodological Tools.


IT Infrastructures

A modern IT infrastructure makes it possible for you to respond quickly and flexibly to new IT requirements. Together with you, we analyse your current environment in an holistic manner and advise you with regard to the requirements of your business model.

On the basis of our many years of manufacturer-independent experience in the classic fields of virtualisation, storage, HPC and backup, as well as network and security design, we’re capable of developing the ideal strategy for expansions, optimisations and migration processes together with you. Issues such as all types of cloud services, big data technologies and the use of Linux systems have long since been part of ADLON’s standard holistic view of the IT infrastructure as well.

Defence Intelligence

With support from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, ADLON advises organisations and German federal authorities concerning military IT projects within security-sensitive contexts. With a consulting and services portfolio which is specially aligned to the defence sector, we provide you with comprehensive know-how in the areas of consulting, integration and the operation of IT and non-IT infrastructures from the fields of land and joint systems, maritime security and dominance, military aircraft and satellite communication.

We implement more than 85% of our defence projects at the international level, for instance for end customers in the USA, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Lithuania and Norway.