You assume responsibility for your operations,

and we assume responsibility for operatating your IT System.

This is what we call: ADLON Managed Services.

Betrieb-100x100pxManaged Services

The complexity of the tasks involved in IT service management makes it more and more frequently necessary to examine the option of targeted outsourcing of operating or support tasks. This applies to an even greater extent when qualified personnel is not available or where concentration is focused on customer-specific core competencies. ADLON has developed a suitable managed services portfolio in order to map and implement the resulting requirements with regard to availability and efficiency in a scalable, transparent fashion.

ADLON can provide you with a modular service concept within the framework of its ADLATUS Managed Services. The customer can select scalable launching of collaboration. Our know-how in the areas of operations, standardisation, process optimisation and consolidation of client/server network infrastructures allows you to optimally implement existing potential for cost savings.

Mobile Admin

Mobile Admin is a temporary administration service. ADLON specialists provide on-site operations support to the internal IT administrator(s). The Mobile Admins are also available as replacements for employees on holiday or sick leave.

Front-End Services

Our front-end services focus on the customers’ end users.

The central front-end service desk located in Ulm is the single point of contact (SPoC) for all user questions and fault reports – upon request 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.

It’s primarily the users of the IT infrastructure who take advantage of the services offered by the service desk. And thus in addition to the tempo at which faults and queries are processed, special emphasis is also placed upon the achieved levels of user satisfaction. Excellent transparency and good communication with the users, coupled with high first call resolution rates, are especially important factors in this respect.

Quick processing of faults and user service requests are assured by ITIL-compliant processes. Furthermore, this provides your internal IT specialists with elbowroom to address the issue of further development in the field of IT, and to position IT as a proactive enabler for the company.

ADLON’s front-end service desk is manned exclusively by IT specialists. As a result, we typically achieve first call resolution rates of well above 50%.

In order to ensure transparency for our customers at all times, we document each request in the customer’s or our own ticket system.

Back-End Services

Our back-end services focus on central systems – if required 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.

Our IT operations specialists assure availability of data services at the data centre or from the cloud in accordance with the agreed upon service level. Upon request, our experts also support the customer’s IT administrators in the area of IT service operations.

Careful monitoring of the infrastructure is important in order to be able to quickly detect and eliminate failures. Within the scope of our SCOM services, we can provide you with effective, continuous monitoring of various services/ports at your servers on the basis of Microsoft SCOM systems.

System monitoring / event management results are made available in the form of monthly reports. Events are processed by our specialists – upon request 24 hours a day, 365 day a year.

Goal: Fastest possible reaction to events which deviate from normal operation, and the filtering out and elimination of actual faults.

Well-defined, lived change management is absolutely essential in order to ensure that services are adapted in a controlled fashion, and to guarantee error-free operation.

Within the framework of change management, it’s assured that all changes are implemented in accordance with defined processes and that nothing is left to chance.

As a rule, various change types are defined in order to maintain the balance between speed and security. These necessitate different approval structures depending on cost and risk.

Goal: no unauthorised changes to the infrastructure which could impair the availability and the stability of the services.

The server systems are updated at regular intervals at specified points in time within the framework of patch management. The patches are classified in cooperation with the customer into various types of changes in consideration of the corresponding mechanisms.

Within the framework of so-called standard changes, ADLON implements certain patches at regular intervals without separate approval (e.g. security patches from the manufacturer). We place great emphasis on ensuring that these patches are not installed automatically. Inspections conducted by our IT operations specialists assure that the systems function correctly after the changes have been completed.

The tests necessary to this end are specified in cooperation with the customer. These are oriented towards monitored services in Event management.

Goal: assure an up-to-date, secure environment.

Future capacity is reviewed on the basis of a trend analysis within the framework of capacity management. These capacity reviews are discussed with the customer. If changes are planned which will affect capacity management, corresponding capacity checks are carried out in advance.

Goal: reliable operation by continuously maintaining adequate capacity within the operating environment.

Within the framework of incident management, our specialists process occurring or imminent faults and failures within the IT infrastructure.

Our customers can track the current status at any time in a transparent fashion with the help of the ticket system.

Goal: restoration of booked services as quickly as possible.

Service requests can be submitted, for example, in order to obtain a given service for a specific user. Service requests are documented in ADLON’s central ticket system, submitted for approval via workflows if required and finally implemented by our specialists.

Ziel: on-time provision of requested services.

Within the scope of problem management, our specialists analyse any occurring incidents for possible problems. Whereas the objective of incident management is to restore the affected service as quickly as possible, problem management is responsible for analysing occurring incidents and eliminating their causes.

Goal: lasting elimination of the causes of incidents.

Service Management

ADLON has established standardised service management in order to control collaboration proactively. Experienced employees with appropriate training take on the task of the service delivery manager. These employees are responsible for proactive management of collaboration and for the further development of processes and services together with the customer. Our service delivery managers enjoy an outstanding reputation amongst our customers’ IT managers.

Standardised management reports concerning operations and booked services function as a basis for service management.

Full IT Operating

Within the framework of systems operations, ADLON assumes responsibility for the customer’s IT solutions, or portions thereof. It doesn’t matter if the systems are in the cloud or on-site at the customer’s premises.

Depending on requirements, individual services can be operated by ADLON, and others by the company’s internal IT department. The resulting interfaces are defined and operated jointly.

Non-IT Services

What does a non-IT service desk have to do with supporting your customers in using your machines and solutions by means of IT?

Not much at first glance. But if we take a look behind the scenes we recognise lots of common features, for example the single point-of-contact, 1st, 2nd and 3rd level data processing structures, the need for documentation within a central (ticket) system – and everything 24/7 in several languages. This is precisely where ADLON’s service desk for business services comes in:

Upon request, our service desk specialists provide qualified 1st level support around the clock, and to some extent 2nd level support for our customers’ complex systems/equipment such as aircraft system components and transmission technology. In addition to this, we guarantee process-compliant handling of your customers’ requests and faults in accordance with the SLA.

Hybrid_Cloud-100x100pxADLON Cloud Services

ADLON Cloud Services provide standardised IT services from the cloud, which can be quickly accessed. You can use these services as required without investing in your own infrastructure and without having to deal with complicated hardware and software operation yourself.

Offerings include software and platform as a service (SaaS and PaaS) and provide servers, memory capacity and workplace environments from the cloud, which can be conveniently managed via a web portal.

ADLON’s cloud services can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT environments as a hybrid cloud. Standardisation of cloud services reduces risks and complexity, and at the same time enhances efficiency and reliability.

Profit from our many years of experience – allow us to accompany you on your way to the clouds.

Client Management as a Service

Client management as a service, based on the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, is a highly productive solution for comprehensive, central management of your clients. This cloud service permits automated stock-taking of the front-end structure, distribution of all types of software packages and operating system fuelling.

Monitoring as a Service

Our monitoring service permits quick and uncomplicated monitoring of performance indicators and event logs. Alarm messages are delegated to the responsible parties and tickets are generated automatically. We provide apps for access via Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Windows 8, or make access possible by means of a management console.

Documentation as a Service

Documentation as a service includes automatic stock-taking and delivery of automated reports from IT environments. The service encompasses detailed reports at regular intervals and services such as stock-taking of hardware and software, an IP network overview and reports from the active directory.

Security as a Service

Security as a service offers the most important security functions for Windows VMs such as anti-virus, security updates and monitoring. The service includes the provision of anti-virus, security updates via the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and monitoring via the System Center Operations Manager.

Communication as a Service

With the help of this service, your employees are able to complete all of their communication tasks quickly and reliably while on the run. Communication as a service is offered as a basic, a standard and an enterprise service and covers mailboxes, domains, calendars, tasks, address management and contacts.