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Help us shape the future and join our team.

Thank you for your interest in ADLON!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an internship, are just beginning your career as a young professional or are already an IT specialist, you can make the best of your abilities at ADLON. The individuality of each person is what counts at ADLON, as well as mutual trust and enthusiasm for the common cause: lastingly implemented customer benefits.

At ADLON, employees are at the centre of attention and they shape the company’s future development. We take your career seriously and provide you with the opportunity of making targeted use of your strengths and developing new skills. Internal and external further education and training are an integral part of personal development at ADLON.

We provide you with active support in extending your personal network and profiting from the know-how of your colleagues. Holding employees, customers and ECO partners in high esteem is part of our corporate culture. In addition to appropriate technical knowledge, personality and character are the keys to success.

Regardless of whether you already have professional experience or are just beginning your career, we can offer you outstanding prospects. We invest in the future and are committed to our employees, apprentices, students and trainees. You can expect challenging tasks, plenty of elbowroom for self-realisation, responsibility right from the start, excellent training, outstanding opportunities and a good environment for personal development, as well as lots of fun.

ADLON stands for innovative solutions for demanding customers implemented by committed and competent employees.

Petra Groten

Project Management, ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH

Job Opportunities

Currently open positions are posted on our job opportunities page – view it at regular intervals and maybe you’ll find your dream job.

If no appropriate jobs are currently listed, we would be pleased to receive your unsolicited application at karriere(at)

You’ll discover an open and creative work atmosphere within our dynamic team. Great importance is placed on the issues of further training and personal development at ADLON.

In addition to professional perspectives, our locations in southern Germany offer high levels of recreational value and excellent quality of life. The employment ads can be found on our german site: Karriere.

Living out innovations to their fullest, operating flexibly within the market and successfully providing customers with added value are the qualities which distinguish ADLON.

Matthias Ruf

Business Consultant, ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH

Notes regarding applications

Please send your application along with the usual documents (as a PDF file, a Word document or the like) by e-mail only to Please indicate your salary expectations and your earliest possible start date.

Students, Graduates and Work-Study Programmes

Studying is different today than it was just a few years ago – bachelor’s and master’s degrees have greatly changed the lives of students in Germany as well.

We’re doing justice to this development and want to provide students with the drive they’ll need throughout their careers at an early stage. Whether an internship, a thesis or a work-study programme at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) is involved – you’ll be fully integrated into your team at ADLON, you’ll work on exciting projects and you’ll be able to expand your network.

My internship at ADLON made it possible for me to put my studies into actual practice, so that I’ve been able to gather lots of experience which I’ll certainly need in the future. I felt right at home at ADLON, and I’ll remember the time I spent their fondly.

Jingying Wang

Zeppelin University

Training at ADLON

You’ve successfully completed school and are looking for appropriate training? It’s not an easy task, because a great number of considerations play an important role. Above all, we believe that your career should provide one thing in particular: future prospects. And of course you should enjoy it. Regardless of whether your talents are more aligned to technical tasks or you want to pursue a business career, at ADLON we can offer you an ideal environment for getting off to a successful start in your professional life.


Your Place in the ADLON Team

Commitment and fun in training and every-day work are at the top of the list in our team. Interest in IT, hardware and software is every bit as important as a team spirit and the ability to accept criticism. If you plan to start your career at ADLON, you should also bring along lots of flexibility and self-motivation, because a great variety of tasks will await you at our company.


Training at ADLON

Not only during the two to three-year training programme do we offer diverse fields of activity in various company divisions. Throughout your entire career path, you’ll be presented with exciting options as part of our team.
Training always begins in September

No traineeships are available at the moment.

Life at ADLON

ADLON is no ordinary company, nor is that what we want it to be. We live out innovation to its fullest and focus our attention on smart ideas for our customers. Even 25 years after founding the company, we’ve retained our initial start-up energy and combine it with the substance of a steadily growing enterprise. Team leaders and colleagues help everyone in pursuing personal development, extending their personal networks and profiting from available know-how. We offer salaries based on performance as well as flexible, pro-family work schedules in an appealing and pleasant work environment with highly competent colleagues.

We create a lively, friendly and inspiring environment at our locations together with people who want to get something up and running with us – and have fun at the same time. We ADLONites work in small, powerful teams with flat hierarchies and a state-of-the-art workplace infrastructure. We believe that technology can change the world for the better, und always seek out the best solutions four our customers in order to support their business operations and provide them with an economic advantage.

Above and beyond the work itself, every good team is made even better by cooperative and friendly relations. All of the really “important” issues with which technology enthusiasts concern themselves are discussed by ADLON at the traditional technology sit-in every Friday afternoon.

Each year, ADLON’s summer festival makes it possible to bring the company, family and friends closer together. Whether a family barbecue with a combined sports competition at one of our locations, canoeing on the Danube or adventure golf is involved: high spirits and lots of action are always guaranteed.

We’re always on the lookout for new ADLONites. At ADLON, we see the diversity of young and old, of various cultures and of both genders as an enrichment, and above all our female colleagues would welcome reinforcement.

Together, all of us at ADLON want to continue evolving as an outstanding company which is attractive, sets things into motion and attracts extraordinary people. Have a look at us.

I’m motivated by the friendly work atmosphere, the diverse range of projects and the trust which permits autonomous work.

Tanja Loos

Business Relationship Manager, ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH