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Andreas Richstätter

CEO, ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH

ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH

ADLON maximizes the productivity, the rapidity and the success of its clients by providing customised IT solutions, and thus provides them with the compelling competitive advantage they need in order to operate more economically in demanding markets, and to experience lasting growth.

Entrepreneurial success begins with comprehensive advice and detailed planning of these solutions, and ends with their consistent implementation and smooth operation. This is why ADLON banks on reliable partnerships with leading hardware and software manufacturers, service providers and management consultancies. This results in the evolution of structures which are every bit as individual and performance-oriented as their users.

Airbus Defence and Space, DZ PRIVATBANK S.A., Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG, the German Federal Office of Armed Forces Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, and Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG: The customer base of ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH includes global conglomerates as well as mid-sized companies. We support our customers in the areas of cloud services and cloud intelligence, SharePoint, workplace environments und managed services from locations in Ravensburg, Friedrichshafen, Ulm and Berlin.

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Facts and Figures


  • Founded 1988
  • Family-owned company
  • 80 employees at 4 locations in Germany
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001
  • Recognised IT consultancy with implementation and operative expertise

ADLON Management

Andreas Richstätter

Andreas Richstätter

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas Richstätter studied economics and organisational science at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich and has been with ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH since 1999, where he has held the position of chief executive officer since December 2005. Mr. Richstätter had previously been employed as an assistant to general management at a building construction company, and subsequently as a sensor consultant at an international management consultancy.

Michael Rimmele

Michael Rimmele

Director Business Relationship Management, Authorised Signatory

Michael Rimmele is a graduate in business administration, has been employed by ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH since 2010 and has held the position of Director of Business Relationships Management since May 2015. He’s a member of ADLON’s board of directors and is an authorised signatory. Mr. Rimmele was previously responsible for ADLON’s defence, aviation and aerospace business division. Further milestones along his career path include management and supervisory positions at IT system suppliers.

Sven Hillebrecht

Sven Hillebrecht

Chief Executive Officer, Director Service

Sven Hillebrecht is a trained technician and is certified in the fields of IT security, IT service management and project management. Mr. Hillebrecht has been with ADLON since 2010, has been responsible for the service division since 2012 and is a member of ADLON’s board of directors. Mr. Hillebrecht worked previously at ADLON as a consultant and as assistant service director.  Before coming on board at ADLON, Mr. Hillebrecht managed the technical projects implementation division at a system supplier.

ADLON’S vision

Earth, water, air, fire and IT:  Information technology is evolving into the perfectly natural, indispensable, omnipresent fifth element of our entire human life. ADLON is a responsible designer of, and an advisor for this ITvolution, within which the fifth element has created a global, networked and inspiring world of life.


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ADLON’S fundamental values

Our fundamental values and our raison d’être are immutable. They are our point of reference and the motivation for our action.


We at ADLON place respect for human beings and personal development at the foreground. We’re open and honest with each other – loyalty goes without saying for us. Mutual trust generates elbowroom and makes it possible for us to act on our own authority.


We at ADLON are open to new ideas and have the courage to initiate change. Technologies are utilised and implemented in a flexible and targeted Fashion.


We at ADLON place primary emphasis on supporting our customers. The sense of responsibility demonstrated by the entire ADLON team ensures that this goal is achieved with the highest possible levels of quality and effectiveness.

ADLON’s raison d’être: Strengthen the customer.

The ADLON advisory board

The ADLON advisory board supports company management where strategic issues are concerned.

The advisory board is comprised of three experienced members from the fields of business and research:

Karin Degenhardt

Karin Degenhardt

Business Development Manager / Alliance Manager, Intel Corporation

Ms.  Degenhardt holds the post of Business Development und Alliance Manager at Intel and oversees partnerships with DTAG (T-Systems) and Microsoft. Previously, Ms.  Degenhardt managed Intel’s team for worldwide support of Siemens AG (sales, Design-In and innovations management for all areas of application).

Within the scope of these activities, above all innovation, creativity and a view to new markets and their development are in the foreground for Intel as a technology leader. Ms.  Degenhardt has strong networks within German-speaking ICT.

Matthias Benz

Matthias Benz

Executive Vice President, Corporate Market, Key Account Management, ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Mr. Benz has been responsible for worldwide sales at the ZF group since September 2014. In his function as sales manager, Matthias Benz reports to chairman of the board Dr. Stefan Sommer, who previously executed this function in addition to his other duties. Mr. Benz was previously vice president and CFO of ZF’s operations in North America, vice president and CFO of ZF Sachs Automotive USA, director of ZF’s worldwide sales and services organisation and managing director of ZF Trading GmbH.

Prof. Dr. Bela Mutschler

Prof. Dr. Bela Mutschler

Ravensburg-Weingarten University

Professor Mutschler has been offering instruction in the field of “information management and e-business” at the Ravensburg-Weingarten University since 2008 where he covers the subjects of e-business, business process management and online marketing in theory and research. Before his appointment to the Ravensburg-Weingarten University, Bela Mutschler worked for Daimler AG. Bela Mutschler has authored a book and is author and co-author of numerous relevant technical publications, and holds membership in various organising committees of national and international technical symposia and conferences.

Senior Advisor to General Management

Dr. Hartwig Rüll

Dr. Hartwig Rüll

Senior Advisor to General Management

As a learning company, ADLON tackles decisive developments within its field of business and implements them in the form of targeted entrepreneurial action. Company management is supported by senior advisor Dr. Hartwig Rüll in this respect. Dr. Rüll worked in various positions at Siemens for 35 years. During the last 20 years, he worked on strategic issues as head of the strategy departments of several corporate divisions. Since 2005, Dr. Rüll has been advising selected companies such as Nokia Siemens Networks, PWC, Intel, T-Systems, Max Planck Gesellschaft, Nokia and ADLON.

Living Networks

Competitive advantages evolve through a strong ECO Network.

ECO_Netzwerk-100x100pxADLON’S strategic ECO Network

As a designer of, and an advisor for IT business processes, we rely on our forward-looking ECO Network. Together with other experts, we’re in an even better position to comprehensively meet the demands of high levels of IT penetration in modern companies and the resulting requirements. ECO Network management and the development of new partnerships is thus one of ADLON’s key corporate missions.


By means of collaboration with ADLON, we achieve our goals and the goals of our customers – efficiently and with high levels of quality. As part of ADLON’s ECO Network, even more know-how and trend-setting opportunities are available to us.

Anton Kramm

Valial Solution GmbH

For us, living networks mean

Offering and Exploiting Opportunities

Everyone has something to offer, a special skill or interesting information. We’re open to new ideas and actively seek out mutual opportunities.

Open and Honest

He who says what he thinks, means what he says, keeps his promises, and is credible and authentic. He can be trusted. The courage to state one’s own opinion and take one’s own standpoint is seen as a positive attribute at ADLON.

Showing Interest

Cooperation and reciprocity are the foundation for stable relations. Interest in people, issues and information is required to this end, as well as the willingness to share this interest.

Helping Others

Frequently it’s the little things that make a difference – like a piece of information, an article clipped from a magazine, a recommendation or simply taking time for a conversation. We keep our eyes and ears open and look for opportunities to help our partners.

Inspiring Others

He who laughs and clearly enjoys what he does radiates his enthusiasm to others. This applies in particular to communication with other people. Encounters should be joyful occasions, discussion should enthuse and inspire.

Focusing on the Essentials

Less if often more. It’s not the number of partnerships that’s decisive, but rather the robustness and the quality of collaboration are most important for us.

As an IaaS supplier, finding the right partner for our customers is essential. ADLON is distinguished by high levels of professionalism and many years of experience in the areas of infrastructure consulting and operations. The associated portfolio supplements our offerings to include professional services for the layout of cloud architectures and for migration into the cloud.

Petra-Maria Grohs

CSO EMEAA, ProfitBricks GmbH

Training Collaboration with Integrata AG

The long tradition of ADLON’s training division will be carried on by means of collaboration with Integrata AG. Integrata AG is a leading full service supplier of qualification measures.

ADLON Ravensburg is Integrata’s southernmost training centre, where in-house seminars are held on a regular basis. An overview of the range of services provided by Integrata AG, as well as its seminars in Ravensburg, can be viewed here.

Innovation. Tradition. Passion.

ADLON is a member of the association of family owned companies (Vereinigung Familienunternehmer – ASU e.V.).

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