Development, Implementation, Operation

ADLON helps you find IT solutions that work.

Umsetzung-100x100px Implementation

Implementing the results of the consultation and conceptualisation phase is the task of our ADLON Lines for cloud engineering, workplace environments, management & platforms, systems integration and enterprise solutions. Experience and direct feedback received by our consultants from system engineers ensure that we only recommend solutions that work in actual practice. In-house expertise of the ADLON Lines is supplemented by our comprehensive ECO Network too.

When implementing projects we act and react flexibly, regardless of the respective requirements, and bring the right skills to bear. We rely upon current innovations, as well as time-tested processes and technology – unconditionally.

EnterpriseSolutions-100x100px-Enterprise Solutions

Where enterprise solutions are concerned, we implement holistic software solutions which are targeted at promoting your business on the basis of results from the consulting and conceptualisation phase. In doing so, we pursue the big-picture approach, i.e. we don’t view solutions in an isolated fashion but rather always within the overall context of your company and its system landscape. In this way we ensure that your specific requirements are implemented lastingly in a value-adding manner.

The Microsoft SharePoint platform offers a wide variety of opportunities for systematically mapping the information architecture developed in cooperation with you. ADLON has mastered the entire bandwidth of the SharePoint infrastructure, from farm designs and customizing right on up to individual solutions developed to meet customer-specific requirements.  Amongst other services, ADLON offers solutions for company intranets, social collaboration, product and project management portals, and enterprise search options on this basis.

Cloud_Engineering-100x100pxCloud Engineering

After consulting with you concerning the requirements and goals of your IT solution, we present you with results for implementation using cloud-specific solutions. Thereafter as well, we provide you with support for implementation in a variety of scenarios. Beginning with the integration of dedicated, individual cloud services into the existing IT infrastructure, we make targeted use of our cloud intelligence for successful integration. Standard services such as the integration of cloud-based e-mail solutions and the use of a monitoring system from the cloud for scrutinising internal IT infrastructures frequently comprise the first step towards exploiting the benefits of cloud solutions.

Beyond this, ADLON implements individually adapted or special services based on PaaS and SaaS solutions in accordance with the requirements of the respective customer. In doing so we’re able to take advantage of extensive experience, which assures smooth launching of cloud solutions. Setting up a hybrid cloud solution using a combination of internal and external structures is precisely the right approach for fulfilling requirements in many scenarios with regard to quality, costs and benefits.

Furthermore, ADLON integrates complete IT infrastructures from all types of existing environments into a suitable cloud environment – always in compliance with the stipulation of setting up high quality operations. The migration of complete IT infrastructures with large numbers of systems without excessively impacting productive time necessitates the mastery of special skills, which we have repeatedly been able to demonstrate successfully.

We’re always flexible and competent when implementing projects, regardless of the respective requirements. Making use of current innovations as well as time-tested processes and technologies is a matter of course for us.

Workplace_Environments-100x100pxWorkplace Environments

The digital workplace is the central meeting point for many employees. And thus it should be laid out in an attractive fashion which promotes productive activity. We meet this challenge with the help of various technologies: from the implementation of virtual desktop infrastructures and the provision of business applications for all types of devices, right on up to the management of a great variety of equipment.

Products such as Citrix XenDesktop for desktop and applications virtualisation, the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager for managing clients and the Citrix XenMobile for managing mobile devices and applications are just a small excerpt from the corresponding range of expertise.

Management_Platforms-100x100pxManagement & Platforms

The basis of all types of IT infrastructures is a core competence of ADLON Intelligent Solutions GmbH. We can handle the entire stack of underlying technologies and their management. ADLON implements components at the hardware layer, for example server systems and highly available, high-performance storage infrastructures from different manufacturers for use in a great variety of scenarios, as well as virtualization environments, with preference on the Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor. Management of this environment, for example by means of Microsoft System Center products such as SCOM (monitoring) and SCVMM (administration of virtual environments), is just as much a part of our range of competences as the implementation of backup concepts.

The disciplines of data base, e-mail and active directory implementation are skills which have long since been included in our spectrum of expertise, and we make competent use of them. We support the network layer together with leading manufacturers such as Next-Gen Firewalls from Palo Alto, which we use in a targeted fashion for security-related requirements specified by our customers. We can combine classic IT structures with solutions from the cloud and implement effective hybrid cloud solutions with corresponding added value.

Systems_Integration-100x100pxSystems Integration

Where classical integration of hardware is involved, ADLON provides support with integration and storage floor space amounting to more than 500 square metres made available specifically for projects of this sort at company headquarters in Ravensburg and at the branch office in Friedrichshafen. We offer interim storage, assembly and installation of COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) and MOTS (military off-the-shelf) products, as well as the setup of system components in project-specific racks at computer centres. Within the framework of rack engineering, we advise you in advance regarding the ideal layout of the components to be included and also consider aspects related to heat build-up, cabling and electrical operating safety in accordance with DGUV regulation 3 (previously BGV A3) and the DIN VDE 0701-0702 standard.

Furthermore, best practice concepts ensure that we can quickly and cost-effectively conduct national or international rollouts for you in large environments with large numbers of IT workstations to be replaced under complex conditions.