When implementing new ideas, we count on partners

who understand our vision of gaining an advantage by means

of technology, because they put their own ideas into action as well.

With its customised hybrid cloud solution, ADLON has

proven itself as a valuable innovations Partner.

Wolfgang Vogt, Specialist for digital retail sales, after-sales and IT solutions at Audi


Top Quality and continuous process optimisation

are success factors for Vetter where the rendering

of ADLON’s managed services is concerned.

Markus Thiel, Director of Information Technology Vetter Pharma-Fertigung


After more than two years in ADLON’s hybrid cloud,

one thing’s for sure: our agility has been increased and our

employees are able to focus on core business activities.

Oliver Groten, Managing Director of Max Müller Spedition


For me, typically ADLON means professionalism,

reliability and understanding coupled with very strong

customer orientation. Collaboration with ADLON

strengthens our company.

Armin Walter, Managing Director of TeleData


With comprehensive IT strategy consultation,

ADLON is supporting us in efficiently uniting

our IT strategy with our business processes and

systematically reconciling them both.

Matthias Tomasetti, Authorized Signatory – Administrative Director of Meckatzer Löwenbräu


Rollout of the ERP system was successfully concluded

within a very short period of time thanks to clear-cut,

stringent requirements and project Management, as well

as a carefully thought-out action strategy.

Olaf Trittel, Administrative Director of Uhrenfabrik Junghans

Referenz_Zivil-100x100pxReference Projects

Cloud for a Mid-Sized Company

Migration of Infrastructure and Administrative Applications to the Cloud

ADLON has been commissioned to set up and operate the infrastructure and the administrative applications of a mid-sized German company with 200 employees over the next three years.

During the course of a formal bidding process, ADLON came out on top in competition against five significantly larger suppliers. The customer was explicitly looking for an innovative partner who would ensure cooperative, proactive collaboration and innovative, state-of-the-art solutions.

From the customer’s point of view, ADLON was the only supplier with complete outsourcing offerings: a complete virtual environment including infrastructure, applications and backups is made available from the certified computer centre at Telekommunikation Lindau GmbH. The order includes professional project management for the entire term of the contract, the provision of a service desk for back-end operating and the end-users, as well as continuous service (delivery) management.

In the final analysis, the flexibility and scalability of resources resulting from a custom-tailored cloud solution were the decisive advantage vis-à-vis the models offered by the competition.

Cloud Hosting Environment for a Computer Centre

A virtualised hosting environment was set up and put into operation for a computer centre. SCVMM and SCOM system centre modules were designed and deployed for management of the system. After successful completion of a workload test, migration to the live environment was conducted. During the first months after switch-over to live operation, the customer’s employees were trained on the system and operation was taken over by the customer.

Utilised products:

  • Microsoft Hyper V
  • Microsoft System Center
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008
  • Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Services rendered by ADLON:

  • Setup and installation of PCs and server hardware
  • Development and execution of training sessions
  • Installation of Business software
  • Installation and configuration of hardware and platform software
  • Pre-installation of the operating system and other software
  • Sale of software licenses
Migration and Consolidation of Several SharePoint Farms

4 SharePoint farms were consolidated into a single, scalable SharePoint 2010 architecture for a customer with roughly 800 users. Management of the entire portal was greatly simplified and prepared for further expansion as a multilingual extranet.
Intranet searching with the Google Search Appliance was integrated into the SharePoint and an interface to SAP was implemented.

The following solutions were implemented within the framework of the project:

  • Modern collaboration platform with a high degree of self-service
  • Resources booking system for fleet vehicles, as well as conference and meeting rooms
  • Ticket system
Installation and Configuration of the Citrix Environment

A Citrix environment including integration into the customer’s active directory structure was implemented at a mid-sized company in the metalworking industry in southern Germany.

An analysis of the existing environment was conducted in advance for the purpose of sizing an ESX environment. Furthermore, a backup solution based on Symantec BackupExec was installed and configured for the customer as well.

Windows and Exchange Migration

ADLON conducted a Windows and Exchange migration at a growing mid-sized company in southern Germany. Continuous expansion by means of subsidiaries, most recently in China and Brazil, resulted in a project for the integration of all global company domains into a common ADS organisation in consideration of all security aspects. Targeted goals also included high availability and failsafe e-mail correspondence.
Together with ADLON, a concept was developed which provides the company with maximised levels of security and reliability.
The foundation for the subsequently executed Windows and Exchange Migration was laid by introducing a new server infrastructure with a redundant layout and a Fibre Channel SAN (storage area network) designed for high-availability.

All VPN and Internet traffic, as well as e-mails, are scanned and filtered in an upstream antivirus gateway before reaching the productive LAN.

Microsoft Office & Network Consolidation

ADLON successfully implemented a server migration at an internationally leading company for measuring and test technology with the goal of improving internal and external communication. Within the context of the server migration it was also decided to introduce the new Microsoft Office application for the customer.

Due to the fact that the existing infrastructure had grown over a period of years, it was necessary to consolidate the network. The company had to get its business-critical applications up-to-date, because the existing platform had run out of space for accommodating new software and innovations.

In order to make the changeover as attractive as possible for the employees, the users were informed in advance concerning the most important changes, sensible improvements and complex procedures at information events.

Customer Service Dashboard Based on SharePoint

Customer service at a publisher with 400 internal and external users needed to be accelerated by means of extensive integration and streamlining. The goal was to establish central, transparent information management without media disruption.

ADLON’s solution aggregates data from SAP and various web applications via web services and provides a platform for processing and augmenting customer data with customer service data via a central user interface with high levels of usability.

In order to make this possible, a dashboard was implemented on the basis of SharePoint as a central entry point with a search function, as well as workflows for essential processes such as complaints, order processing etc.

Collaboration Platform for 2000 Users with SharePoint

On the basis of Microsoft SharePoint, a Typo3-based intranet was replaced and expanded by a multilingual intranet and collaboration platform for 2000 users. Within the scope of the project, a generic document framework for environmental management and SAP documentation was also implemented.

An existing, proprietary content management system for personnel administration was replaced by an intranet / content management system based on SharePoint.  Management of human resources information in conjunction with the existing SAP environment was optimised, and an active interface was set up between SAP and Microsoft.

Accelerating project management processes while introducing MS SharePoint was a crucial issue for a customer from the high-tech sector with 70 users. Thanks to the implementation of SharePoint, there’s now only one central management application for project RFQs, work packages and documents. Project RFQs can be converted automatically into projects or orders. A new CRM database was also implemented for the customer.

Office Migration at a Large Airport

One of ADLON’s most extensive migration projects thus far was conducted at a large German airport. The objective of the project was the migration of the airport’s 3200 PC workstations and training of the users in a manner appropriate for the target group.

ADLON assumed responsibility for project management, was the single contact partner and provided active assistance based on expert knowledge and experience.

One of the essential requirements was to minimise interruptions to normal IT operations and the work routines of the users to the greatest extent possible, and to ensure compatibility with older Office versions including Access databases, macros and embedded objects. This was accompanied by license assessment, execution of classroom training, provision of e-learning films and support for the internal marketing concept. The project was conducted in accordance with the ADLON Migration Framework, and was completed on time and within budget.

ADLON convinced us with its hybrid cloud concept for our 100 IT users: our agility was further enhanced and our employees can now concentrate on core business.

Oliver Groten

Managing Director, Max Müller Spedition GmbH

ADLON’s approach resulted in trouble-free software migration for 2500 users. ADLON fulfilled our goals in a results-oriented, highly committed fashion. Michael Zaddach

Chief Information Officer, Munich Airport

Referenz_Defence-100x100pxDefence Reference Projects

Informal E-Mail System

The main objectives of updating the informal e-mail system of an international organisation involved consulting with regard to system design and compliance. After a successful pre-life test of the new informal e-mail solution, installation was completed by ADLON:

  • Installation and migration of MS Exchange to new hardware
  • Implementation of an archive and backup solution
  • Security accreditation of the utilised e-mail systems

ADLON value added:

  • License consulting
  • Consultation and conceptual design for an intelligent migration concept
  • Installation and configuration of international locations


Border Security

At the end of the consultation phase, ADLON implemented a development and simulation platform which supports land and sea border control systems in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The platform simulates all conceivable border segments.

  • IT architecture design with regard to high levels of availability and data volume, as well as LAN/WAN requirements and restrictions
  • License consulting
  • Conceptual design of deployment milestones
  • Project management
  • Turnkey installation and configuration
  • Early-life support and training
Improved Air Defence System

The improved air defence system has been in operation since the year 2000 and is used for military monitoring of the respective air-space. This is made possible by processing and displaying radar information concerning flying objects at workstations. The fulfilment of this contract is a fundamental element of the transformation of the air force as a part of the armed forces.

ADLON value Added:

  • Intelligent product selection
  • Assembly, wiring and labelling of rack systems
  • Assurance of electrical operating safety (VDE 0701, DOC)
  • Project management and documentation
Formal Messaging Project

An option for exchanging formal messages with classification levels all the way up to “top secret” needed to be set up for a national institution. Military facilities and their users needed to be provided with state-of-the-art communications services. The system was developed for automatic, retraceable use with current communication systems, as well as with systems to be implemented in the future by international partners and commercial e-mail systems.

ADLON value added:

  • Project management
  • Consultation regarding utilised products
  • License consulting
  • Procurement, delivery and assembly of the hardware
  • Hardening: Tempest services for the fulfilment of NATO SDIP-27, level B (zone 1)
  • Installation and configuration of the software
  • Services for electrical operating safety (VDE 0701, DOC)
  • Design and installation of racks with electrical operating safety
  • International rollout at more than 250 locations including Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA
  • International support hotline with on-site services
Mobile Communication Systems

The mobile communication system consists of network segments which are implemented by ADLON and a transmission link via directional radio systems. For the first time, the customer is relying fully on IP-based, civilian communication standards.

ADLON value added:

  • Intelligent product selection and systems testing
  • License consulting
  • Consulting and coaching before and during installation
Operations Support System

The operations support system combines operations control and technical-logistical support for weapon systems. Three types of helicopters are currently being supported by the system. The scalable IT system provides secure, reliable support for command personnel, pilots and technical staff. The system improves operating efficiency and the deployment capabilities of helicopter squadrons, especially overseas, while reducing operating costs.

ADLON value added:

  • Hardening: Tempest services for the fulfilment of NATO SDIP-27, level C (zone 2)
  • Intelligent product selection
  • License consulting
  • Procurement, delivery and assembly of the hardware
  • Installation and configuration of software images
  • Services for electrical operating safety (VDE 0701, DOC)
  • Earth leakage protective filter (residual current) services – UPS
  • Design and assembly of the racks
  • Turnkey installation and configuration
  • Project management and documentation


Air Operations Centre

IT equipment at the command centre is based on IT and communication components in mobile transport and storage containers equipped with an uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning. Depending on requirements, up to 25 containers are set up in a modular structure in a 3-stage communication hierarchy.

ADLON value added:

  • Intelligent product selection
  • License consulting
  • Delivery and assembly of the hardware components
  • Hardening service for the fulfilment of NATO standard SDIP-27, level B (zone 1)
  • Installation and configuration of software components
  • Services for electrical operating safety (VDE 0701, DOC)
  • Project management and documentation
Air Defence System

The air defence system consists of command and control sections, as well as a weapons section for low and very low levels of air defence. The radar systems offer the option of creating a local aerial image and exchanging it with other air defence systems. Complete use of the radar and weapons systems can thus be controlled with a single system. The entire system, with more than a hundred individual components and vehicles, is supported by ADLON under a single full-service contract.

ADLON value added:

  • Conceptualisation of the trouble ticketing process
  • Design and deployment of incident, problem and change management
  • Operation of a hotline – 24/7, including:
    • 1st level support,
    • Categorisation, prioritisation and escalation of calls
    • Monthly reporting of KPIs
  • Service Management reviews and continuous improvement process
Reconnaissance and Surveillance

In the future, deployment and command of the armed forces in network-based operations will be supported by a communications and information network which encompasses all required resources for intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance in a common business process. Integration of the systems into the network’s architecture is decisive for information superiority and decision dominance. The technological basis is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) with integrated, extended functions, which ensure interoperability of the armed forces from the technical right on up to the semantic level.

ADLON value added:

  • Project management and documentation
  • Intelligent product selection
  • License consulting
  • Procurement, delivery and assembly of the hardware
  • Services for electrical operating safety (VDE 0701, DOC)
  • Earth leakage protective filter (residual current) services – UPS
  • Design and assembly of the rack items
  • Turnkey installation and configuration

For many years, ADLON has accumulated experience which enables us to win national and international tenders together as partners. ADLON’s analysis of the required IT solution provides an exact description, making it possible to attain a competitive edge in bidding situations.

Bernhard Heinz

Head of Solution Engagement Germany, Airbus Defence and Space GmbH